Graduation is almost here!


After 4 years of waiting for this moment, or in my case still waiting… because 5th year. Which whatever because I get another fall filled with footballs games! So what does one wear to this bitter sweet occasion? Well a bathing suit under your cap & gown seems like a solid choice thanks to the Statesboro heat, but I’m certain that is frowned upon. So the next best choice seems like a comfortable, breathable dress. Since dresses are a favorite of this town and never seem to go out of style, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect one to wear for those grad pictures with family and long into the night with the friends that became family.


Dish Boutique 

Better use that VALID student ID now before the perks run out! So you can get your 10% off one of these dresses! I love the colors and hint hint, the sleeves-less ones are cool enough so sweat stains aren’t a problem on your SPECIAL day. Pair them with sandals or heels, the choice is yours. I love the spring colors and they are versatile enough you can wear them for many other occasions.





Social Boutique

With brands like BCBG I can’t help myself! Also offering their 10% off with a VALID student ID, a penny saved is a penny earned. That’s how it goes right? Well I’m sure you grads might be begging for money now, but around the time those graduation checks start rolling in you won’t be struggling anymore! Since it is acceptable to wear white long into the summer this dress is perfect for graduation. The mesh detail makes it so breathable and the length is perfect!



Entourage Clothing & Gifts 


I think it goes without saying everyone loves a good deal! Entourage never lets me down with their secret sales and random promotions! Just yesterday I got a 20% off any item of my choice. If I haven’t suggested this enough, I’m saying it again. SIGN UP FOR THEIR CUSTOMER REWARDS, you will be glad you did. With stores across the state, just because you’re moving out of Statesboro doesn’t mean you won’t find another Entourage near you.

Entourage 5


Quite an Age Orange Maxi: $39 

Solid Epiphany Neon Pink Dress: $36 

Music to Your Ears Aqua Dress: $37 

Perception of Perfection Blue Maxi: $42 

Walker Boutique

I stopped by Walker yesterday and fell in love with all their new arrivals. Since this post is about graduation dresses I guess I’ll stick to that, but don’t stop here. Check out all their new stuff. I know where this girl is going when she gets her paycheck! The colorful prints and breathable material are perfect for this south Georgia heat. Who says you can’t look fabulous under your cap & gown?

Walker 5

Tracy Negoshian Joy Print Dress: $136

Top Right- price not available 

Divine Dynasty White Dress: $88 

Bottom Right- price not available 

The Boutique at Frills 

Walk into Frills and I bet you can’t walk out with at least one item from their wide selections of clothing. I know I did! This polka dot dress is bohemian inspired and perfect for the hippie chic graduate! The contrast it will have against your cap & gown will be perfect in pictures. The best part about this dress is pair it with some cute white pants and wear it as a tunic and a black blazer and you have yourself a job interview outfit! Which you’ll need once you start applying to those real world careers!


Price not available online 

So if you’re in the market for a graduation dress stop by these Statesboro locations and check out their inventory for yourself, or if you’re like me and just need an excuse for a new dress to watch your friends graduate! Either way HAPPY SHOPPING


Georgia, where you get all 4 seasons in one week.

I thought it was spring, but then I woke up today and had to layer on







Where is my chapstick?

Although yesterday it was raining.. and I needed rain boots. On Monday though, I was wishing I didn’t have so much school work so I could go to the pool. So that brings me to this week’s post. GEORGIA the only place where you can experience every weather/season in one week. Sunshine, rain, thunderstorm, tornado warning, hurricane, monsoon, snow, fall, 75 degrees and perfect, winter advisory, sleet, hail… Well you get the point.

So what is a girl to do? SHOP OF COURSE. This is a joke, actually because I spent my last paycheck at Bi-lo. So if you’re not actually broke and don’t know how to dress for the weather, because maybe you’ve already started packing for summer and sent your winter clothes home (like I did) then you are probably at a loss for what to do. So this one is for you!


SOLE shoe Boutique

Rain boots for well rainy days, duh! SOLE is the newest addition to the limited shopping experience, that is Statesboro, Georgia. ROMA boots a brand carried only at this store is very unique! ROMA like the brand TOMS, also found at this boutique, donates a pair of shoes to the less fortunate for every pair you buy. So you do a good deed and get a new pair of shoes, at the same time! For a small fortune of $79 you can get a pair and give a pair.


*If you want a different color than those available at the store you can have them custom ordered*

Social Boutique 

So you woke up and it was 45 degrees outside, I’m not surprised. It’s also probably Tuesday and yesterday you skipped all your classes to spend a “much needed” (because your so stressed by all the homework you have, that you aren’t going to do) day at the pool. Well you need a scarf? But not a I’m dressed for NYC in mi December, just something light that you can layer on because by the time 5-o-clock rolls around, it will be 70 and HOT! Social just got a new stock of infinity scarves!


Infinity Scarf: $18plus your 10% off student discount!  

Entourage Clothing & Gifts 

The everything under $42 dollars is ALWAYS a reason to stop by, am I right? Palazzo pants, besides being the MOST COMFORTABLE things to ever exist, are perfect for the 4 seasons in one week that Georgia weather brings. They keep your legs warm enough, when it’s cold. The fun patterns and bright colors confuse people because you could be dressed for spring or summer. Pair them with a crop top, long sleeve shirt, wedges, sandals, flats, or boots and you have the most weather confused versatile outfit!

Entourage Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants: $32 plus some tax! 

Dish Boutique 

95 is the high today, but it was snowing yesterday…. WHAT?! Is it the weekend? I sure hope so, because I’m ready for the pool (again), and a stress free happy hour! Friday rolls around and as sleep deprived as you may feel, missing out on the weekends fun is totally out of the question! Dish has a selection of shorts, tops, and my NEWEST favorite the kimono. The kimono is perfect because it might be 95 today and you can throw it over your crop and shorts, but it might also be 55 tomorrow and you can throw it over your favorite pants and a cute top!


Paisley Kimono: $52 

Lace Trim Crop Top: $29 

Black Sidney Shorts: $39 

Black Saili Sandal: $28 

SALE ALERT Black Suede Anzell Bag: $10 

Walker Boutique 

So maybe you’re just as weather confused as the next person. PIKO tops, if you haven’t discovered them yet, are a life saver! If you buy them long enough they can be wore as a dress, when it’s warm. Throw them over leggings and put on a scarf when its chilly. Even wear them with shorts and some sandals for a casual outfit. They come in just about every color you can imagine and are as soft as silk. I’m not going to lie, I’ve worn mine to sleep … a few hundred times! Rolled out of bed and gone to class. THEY ARE AMAZING! Walker has them for between $25-$40!

Walker Piko Tops

Happy shopping weather warriors!


OMG SHOES! Like the famous youtube video, which if you haven’t seen are you living under a rock? I’ll link it and we can just pretend this conversation didn’t happen.

It comes at no surprise I, like most women, LOVE SHOES! The best part of spring is the hundreds of sandals, wedges, flip flops, heels, pumps, flats, espadrilles, boat shoes, t-straps, loafers, slip ons, and the list keeps going. With the cold weather on it’s way out, your toes can finally breath again!


Where does a girl on a budget with 12 boutiques find the best deal so she won’t have to skip a meal?



a division of the Shop Social Dish Boutiques is their newest store and opening April 4th! It will be located in the shopping center next to Shane’s Rib Shack on Bermuda Run Road. The shoe boutique will feature name brands such as 31 BITS, PURA VIDA, roma, TOMS, and DL 1961 Denim.




Social Boutique 

A discount of 10% off any regular priced item, with your student ID every time, why not? With spring in full swing you’re going to need to stay up-to-date with trends and add a variety to your shoe collection. Flats for those casual meetings after class, wedges for a night out on the town, and sandals for after pool days happy hours! Good thing Social has everything you need.



Direction Flat $29

Nude Pompey Shootie $39  

Talia Printed Flat $21

Paddy Sandal $29 

Dish Boutique 

Also offering their 10% off any regularly prices item with your student ID. They makes it hard to not check out their newest arrivals! Like I needed another reason to go shopping? Dish is a trendy, aztec, tribal themed store! I love the hippie vibe and earthy clothes. Wedges are a must in the spring! You have to show off those tanned legs and (if you’re poor like me, at home) pedicures. Dress up those cut offs you got two weeks ago with one of these (the colorful ones are my favorite!) wedges or wedged sandals.


(I’ll take one of each!)

Gold Ceduce Wedge $39.50 

Blue Multi Enrich Bootie ON SALE $25 

Cognac Florence Bootie ON SALE $25 

Multi Mayans Wedge ON SALE $24 

Black Suede Dreamer Shootie $39 

Tan Royce Wedge Sandal $39 

Black Royce Wedge Sandal $39 

Brown Grace Wedge $39 

The Boutique at Frills

So if you stopped by Frills last week during their FRILLS CASH SALE you prob scored yourself some Frills BUCKS! Good thing they just got in this perfect pair of tan wedges! The spring must have is perfect for the trendy college girl because it adds style to your outfit and is comfortable enough to wear from day to night!


Price not available online 

Walker Boutique 

Walker carries a variety of style shoes including the comfortable slip on St. Tropez. Slip ons are ideal for spring and the fast approaching HOT summer! They spice up any outfit and are perfect for everyday wear. Slip them on before class and wear them out to the baseball game! The ever popular wedge can also be found here and they have the cutest gold sandals. I LOVE SANDALS! You can’t have enough of them and they basically go with everything you own.

Walker Shoes

The Becky Sandal $24.95 

Tan Wedge Sandals $39 

St. Tropez ( Rainbow or Canary Navy) $68 

Entourage Clothing & Gifts 

If shoe heaven is what you are looking for? Look no further than Entourage! With wedges and sandals galore, everything you want you can find in this store. Tan, nude, brown, tan, black, tall, low, thick, thin. You name it! Prices vary from $17 to $34 and like always nothing over $42! Sign up for their secret rewards program when you visit their store location for even extra savings. I got a text yesterday for 20% off any single item!

Entourage ShoesPeek-a-boo Chestnut Strappy Sandal $25 

Lonely Soles Sea Green Sandal $22 

Sole-mate Search Strappy Tan Sandals $23 

Strappy Breezeway Tan Sandals $17 

Towered to Love Nude Wedge $34 

Peep Show Tan Wedge $26 

Strapped to Love Tan Wedge $28 

Caged in Tan Wedges $33 

Buckled Down Black Flats $22 

Towered to Love Nude Wedge $34 

Caged in Black Wedges $33 

Peep Show Black Wedge $26 

Cobbler’s Bench 

This higher end boutique carries Jack Rogers, a southern girls dream shoe! If you want to splurge on a sandal that will last, this is the one. I got a pair for my birthday 2 years ago and those bad boys have been through Easter Brunch, Sunday morning mimosa dates, football gamedays, club meetings, and the one time I sprinted from Hollins to the Education building in the rain! With a range of colors to pick from and around $100 a pair the use you will get out of them far outweighs the price.


R.J. Pope

If you’re into the outdoors then spring is probably one of your favorite times of year (minus the pollen). It’s the perfect weather for ‘yaking, ‘noeing, rock climbing, and just being outside! So for those after class spur of the moment activities, on a gorgeous sunny and 75 degree days, you need the right shoes! CHACOS. They are casual enough for class, happy hour, hiking, jumping in the lake, you name it. R.J. Pope is the only place in town to find these!


Chacos $100

Spring B R O K E

After having a blast on spring break, I made my return to Statesboro with little cash and 2 suitcases of dirty laundry. So after blowing this semesters hard earned cash I realized formal, day parties, and after class happy hours were about to begin. The warm weather makes it impossible to go to class when the Dingus porch seems like a better place to hangout. So what do you do when you can’t bear the thought of class and your spring broke? Hit up the SALE racks of course!


First and foremost, I actually had to do my research for this one, and by that I mean leave my apartment, because I had no idea where to begin. But here is what I have gathered! HAPPY SHOPPING!


Deja’Vu: an upscale consignment shop located at 23 South Main Street.

You bring in your used WRINKLE free clothing on a hanger and you get 40% of the sale on your item. The limit is 15 items! You can stop by Tuesdays-Thursdays. This place is perfect for making a little cash after spring break when that $10 strawberry daq seemed like a good idea on the cruise. While you’re there you might even want to pick up a cute happy hour outfit for next to nothing!



Dish Boutique: All sale is buy 1, get 1 50% off!

What better reason then to shop when you can get a item for half the price right? Dish’s “sale room” always has a wide range of clothing to chose from. They do markdowns every Saturday! You can find items like this on the sale rack. How cute for a night out at the plaza?



Aztec Knit Top $34

Kinzee Skinny Jeans $30 

Wetherly Ankle Boot $34 


Social Boutique: also has a buy 1, get 1 50% off sale rack!

Aside from their usual sale they are also doing a March Instagram giveaway! FREE STUFF, sign me up? So if you have an instagram follow @shopsocialdish and #regram their photo on your own page! The contest ends March 31st and a winner will be announced April 1st. EASIEST shopping ever!



Walker Boutique: Spring cleaning SALE!

I like the sound of that! Walker is having a spring cleaning sale and pratically giving away scarves! $5 a pop, there is no way I am missing this one. I love these basics because you can add them to any outfit. With a million way to wear it, why not stock up?



Frills Boutique: “Frills cash”

During this week come into Frills Boutique and for every $25 you spend you will receive $5 “Frills Cash” that can be redeemed between April 1st-April 15th! I’m not going to lie it’s SO HARD to walk into there and not leave with everything in the store!



Entourage Clothing & Gift: Easter Dress Giveaway!

Like you needed another reason to go into the store with nothing over $42! They are also doing a GIVEAWAY! Go to their Facebook page and Like, Share, & Comment your size and color on their Easter Dress Giveaway. Another free item you could win, so why not?




SECRET SECRET! An insider told me of a new SHOE Boutique coming to Statesboro. HEARD AROUND TOWN it will be in the shopping center by McCalisters and called SOLE!! Can’t wait to see the newest addition to the best little town in Georgia.




Spring & Shorts

Spring and shorts go together like the beach and a Piña Colada! Is it obvious I’m BEYOND ready for spring break?  So if you’re mentally prepared but NOT “fashionably” prepared (like myself) I have those last minutes needs.

The hot sun and cool breeze calls for shorts. Quite frankly, you can never have too many pairs! So I got my paycheck yesterday, a whole $100! What is a girl with 12 stores and a $100 to do? Spring break starts tomorrow and I have nothing to wear the first night out! Mission find deals and steals in Statesboro Georgia, is a GO!

Dish Boutique 

All the sale this week is buy 1 get 1 50% off on sale items. I checked the sale rack and found a few pairs of shorts but nothing I loved! I fell in love with their printed tribal shorts at only $39! (HAVE TO HAVE THEM!) Get your own pair and don’t forget to bring your student ID for 10% off each regular priced item.

Dish Shorts

Walker Boutique 

OKAY I’m obsessed! I walked into Walker and couldn’t leave without a pair of these. The colors and nautical patterns are perfect for spring and wearable all summer. Pair these with a basic solid crew neck t-shirt and you have the perfect outfit for morning mimosas. Add some wedges and you can wear this comfortable outfit long into the night. Own your own pair for $44 and some change!

Walker Pharmacy

Cobbler’s Bench 

Oh Lilly Pulitzer! If I could own Lilly everything I would sell my soul to her, but since I can’t I guess I’ll settle for a pair of these stunning shorts. Spring 2014 Lilly can be found at Cobbler’s Bench in Statesboro! So if you’re ready to spend more than half of your paycheck (like me) to the queen of colorful print, hop on over to 7 South Main Street.

Cobbler's Bench

Entourage Clothing & Gifts 

Okay! Okay! I’m obsessed with the print this season. Can you blame me? These shorts are perfect for hot sunny days and unforgettable nights. I read once, that when a girl let’s go of parts of herself you discover her true charm. I mean when I feel confident in my outfit I think I can take on the world! Entourage makes it so affordable (for a girl living on a budget) to look stylish in these shape shorts at only $22.

Entourage Shorts

So DON’T let a fashion emergency stop you from having fun for 9 days of NO SCHOOL! Grab your wallet and stock up on shorts because things are fixing to heat up! HAPPY SPRING BREAK SHOPPERS.

Spring Break

With spring break quickly approaching the crash dieting and scavenging for all new outfits, is in full force. Although you probably convinced yourself on January 1st that you would go to the gym more often and save as much money as possible, that’s not the serendipity you have found yourself in. Savannah is a drive and you are in mid-panic cramming for midterms with no end in sight. Here’s your spring break STATESBORO shopping breakdown, sales, must haves and where to get them!

Dish Statesboro

Current Sales: $10 Bikini bottoms and tops & buy one get one 50% off on all sale items.  

*As always 10% off with a valid student ID on all regular priced items*

Dish Spring Break

Dish carries swimsuits and cover ups all under $50 per piece, mix-and-match with your friends to vary your look and expand your options.

A must have for spring break is the high waisted cut-off shorts. The high waisted cut-offs trend first made its comeback last year and it’s a trend that’s here to stay! So versatile you can wear them during the day with your bathing suit top and at night with a crop top and wedges. Dish carries a variety of colors and washes all for $39.

Disclaimer: For an even cheaper option you can visit the Goodwill in Statesboro and make your own pair of cut-offs from a pair of high waisted jeans for under $10.

Entourage Clothing & Gifts 

Sign up for their customer perks at any Entourage to receive text message alerts of secret sale, secret discounts, and free merchandise with your purchase.

Entourage Spring Break Collage

Wedges are essential for spring break! They are comfortable enough to wear all night and dress up any casual outfit. Fringe tops has been spotted on the runway this season and Entourage has stocked up on this trend, offering a variety of colors and styles for under $30. A MUST HAVE this spring break is the ingenious kimono style chiffon cardigans. Pair it with shorts, a fringe top, and wedges for a hot summer night out or throw it over your bikini for a music festival look!

Social Statesboro 

Current Sales: Buy one get one 50% off all sale items

*As always 10% off with a valid student ID on all regular priced items*

Social Spring Break

Pom pom shorts and rompers are this seasons newest trend. With influences flourishing from the mid-1960s hippies and music festival looks these are a wardrobe essential for spring break. Pair them with a solid basic top and wedge sandals and you have an outfit that goes from day to night! Social carries both these for under $35 dollars.

Walker Boutique

Current Sales: Like, Comment, and Share their $25 gift card giveaway on Facebook for their weekly FRIDAY FREEBIE

Walker Spring Break

Every college girl can agree you can never have too many t-shirts and tanks! Walker Boutique carries these monogrammable Frat Collections tanks and anchor tank perfect over your bikini for under $40. Wear it around the beach or cruise for a casual outfit and even rep your home state with their state seersucker t-shirts.

The Boutique at Frills

Current Sales: $5, $10, $15, $20 racks and 40% off all boots, coats and jackets and a free gift with every purchase.

TBAF Spring Break

Crop tops are crucial for the hot days that await you while on spring break! Crops are so versatile they can add charm to any bottoms. In so many style, colors, and prints you need all of them. Pair your crops with a fringe vest, kimono chiffon cardigan, a pair of high waisted cut-offs, and some wedges and you are ready for an outfit that takes you from fun days to unforgettable nights.

Welcome to Small Town Chic Life

The town of Statesboro, Georgia home to Georgia Southern University is a beautiful place to live while advancing your higher education. Statesboro an up and coming town has much to offer students and residents. As a fashion enthusiast and lover of shoes, I find myself having fashion emergencies a few times a month; Mainly because I have to live on a budget and because there are very few places to shop in Statesboro.

This blog is a dedication to fellow fashionistas, like myself, who in times of a fashion crisis need to answer their 911 calls and find affordable outfits in a town of 12 boutiques.

Stylish Stefany –  

This weeks Trend:  The MAXI Dress

A popular trend for the spring is the Maxi Dress,  a floor length dress. An essential to every girls closet because it never goes out of style. This season the Maxi has been seen on the runway in bold colors and patterns. With the flexibility to wear it during the day, for a casual look, and transform your look for a night out, it’s a MUST HAVE this year!

Places to shop for this trend in Statesboro: 

Social Boutique  “A classic clothing boutique with a modern twist” located at 1098 Bermuda Run Road Suite 5. You can find them on Facebook at

Social offers students a 10% off discount with their valid student ID.

Social Maxi Dresses

From left to right:

Silver Chevron Maxi {$49}

Print Ruffle Tube Maxi  {$49}

Dish Boutique “A unique clothing boutique and gifts with a bohemian bent” located at 712 South Main Street. You can find them on Facebook at

Dish offers students a 10% off discount with their valid student ID.

Dish Statesboro Maxi Dresses

From left to right:

Embroidered Maxi {$48}

Print Halter Maxi {$49}

Aztec Maxi Dress {$48}

Entourage Clothing & Gifts “An affordable boutique where everything is under $42” located at 100 Brampton Avenue. You can find them on Facebook at

Entourage Maxi Dresses

From left to right :

Jungle Mania Maxi {$37}

Epiphany of Flowers Maxi {$42}

Wash Away Navy Maxi {$39}

The Boutique at Frills “Formal wear, bridal shop, accessories shop” located at 1 South Main Street. You can find them on Facebook at

TBA Frills Maxi Dresses

From left to right :

Printed Maxi

Tribal Maxi

Solid Maxi

*Prices not available online*